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Welcome to the On-Line Locker Management System

for  Merivale High School.


1)    To login, your User ID is your nine digit student number (can be found on any of your report cards or timetables and is labeled 'Student No').  Do not include dashes when entering your student number:

Login User ID: (ex.)    123456789

2)   Your password is your birthdate.  Use the format    YEARMONTHDAY - Do not use a slash or dash between numbers:

Login Password: (ex.)   20061019


3)    Enter the combination of your school issued lock.  

School issued lock combination : (ex) 2-22-2


4)    Select your current grade zone (check the maps on the home page if you need to).  Wait for available lockers to appear.


5)    Select a locker number.  CHOOSE CAREFULLY.  You can not delete or redo your selection